The 2 Faces of Leadership: Merging the Best of Both Leadership Styles

Tracy’s latest book The 2 Faces of Leadership – Merging the Best of Both Leadership Styles is a must read for any leader that is looking to improve his or her team’s outcomes. Tracy believes that there is only two reasons why a team does not perform, either they don’t know or they don’t care. Tracy also believes that every great team starts with great leadership. Tracy shares the key fundamental principles that leaders should use to build high-achieving teams with purpose, direction, motivation, and a desire for improvement.

Designed to be short and sweet as a quick reference tool on leadership. Literally, the book is only 74 pages. The book pulls from both my corporate and military background to share key fundamental principles that leaders use to sharpen their skills and to build high performing teams.

If you’re serious about leading the next generation, use the power of The 2 Faces of Leadership to create the culture you desire. Select your version below and begin your journey today!

HARDCOVER – $25.99

KINDLE- $3.99
  • As a person who has spent the vast majority of their adult life in a leadership role in one way or another, I have an immense appreciation for the work that Tracy Pierce has put forth in this book. In a world in which leadership is often made synonymous with domination and control, Tracy provides the balance that comes from the understanding that a true leader grasps the importance of being able to serve those whom they are responsible for leading…He leaves no stone unturned in this concise presentation. Both, aspiring and current leaders can glean quite a bit from this Book.

    Dr. Wallace
    Dr. Rick Wallace Ph.D.