Leadership Seminars and Management Training

  • Available to conduct on or off-site seminars tailored to address your organizations specific needs.
  • We will partner with you to assess organizational gaps in leadership skills and provide recommendations on the seminar content and best approach to address identified gaps.

Keynote Speaker

  • We work with small to large-sized groups and are available to provide leadership and team building presentations to your group, management team, or company.
  • Speaking topics cover the challenges that are facing leaders today, including employee engagement, keeping up with the fast pace of change in a digital society, and leading from the front.
  • We will also partner with you to identify the specific needs of your group.

One-on-One Coaching

  • Focused on developing leaders at all levels of a corporation, our Leadership Development program is designed to provide the structure and support needed to have meaningful impact to your continued growth as a leader.
  • The foundation of our unique program combines Tracy D. Pierce’s military and corporate experience, which emphasizes the leadership qualities needed to build high-performing teams.
  • One of the biggest challenges we faced in our organization was the avoidance of leaders having difficult conversations to build trust and increase accountability. Tracy Pierce is a master at teaching the gift of difficult conversations. In a very short period of time, he helped our supervisors and senior leaders learn to encourage healthy conflict and have the courage to face challenging conversations head on. Tracy helped us create the tools we needed to successfully eliminate the fear of retaliation in our organization. This was a critical step in establishing a sustainable values-based people culture.

    Chief People & Performance Officer
  • Mr. Pierce recalls on his multifaceted leadership experience to delineate major management mistakes and outline best practices for leadership. The reader will find this a compelling read that can be completed in an afternoon yet will also find learnings that will last a lifetime. Have your highlighter ready. You will want to apply many of the concepts to your everyday business.

    Regional VP
  • I took and chance on this book and boy am I glad I did. I applied some of leadership styles with my sales team and saw results right away.

    Branch Manager
  • Previously, I overlooked military-themed reading because I felt like it wouldn’t apply to me, a civilian. However, after reading The 2 Faces of Leadership, I feel like I’ve tapped into some of the successes of military leadership, which I am fortunate to discover so that I can apply these experiences and principles to improve myself as a leader.

    Operations Manager