The Gift of Difficult Conversations

Description: In organizations, globally, leaders are finding themselves navigating uncharted territory as they attempt to manage across many generations. Tracy Pierce will walk you through this generational diversity, in the workplace, as it is one of the most commonly misunderstood challenges. You are not alone. You can and will become successful with how to adjust your leadership style to achieve and maintain consistent performance results.

Key Lessons:

  • The characteristics of the generations. Learn the key differences of the 4 major categories in our work force today; along with how to build trust and credibility with each individually.
  • Speaking the same language. Why can’t you hear me? Leaders become frustrated when they have to repeat the same thing to the same people. Don’t you? Begin communicating in a way that everyone can understand.
  • Identify your common purpose. Have you ever stopped to evaluate your role in the organization? Not your title, but your role. Have you clearly defined the role of your team? Discover the common link between the two and how to support each other.

Outcomes: Finally, an understanding of your team’s behaviors and learning the steps to communicate more effectively. You will have clear guidance on rallying your team around your company’s mission statement to achieve team goals and meet organizational needs.

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