Effectively Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Description: 85% of employees have to deal with conflict in the workplace to some degree. 29% do so always or frequently. Have you ever missed a goal by 29%? You could probably trace it back to the conflict which eats away at production. In this module, Tracy Pierce guides and develops this remarkable skill set, in you.

Key Lessons:

  • Conflict defined. Conflict takes on many forms in organizations. Understand what conflict is, and is not, in the workplace.
  • Understand the four types of personalities. Identify your dominate personality and learn to recognize the personality types of the team members that you supervise.
  • Respond to conflict effectively with this amazing technique.
  • Learn to manage with emotional intelligence.

Outcomes: Knowing how to avoid the negative targets that set the stage for confusion, in your workplace, will not only result in a more desirable work environment, but will also increase your team’s production.

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