Our strategy is simple, find the gap in a team’s performance and fill that gap with quality training that can be applied immediately. Our training program has produced great results across numerous industries. The success of our training is because of our specialized training technique that encourages feedback and class participation. Our team doesn’t teach theory, we teach real world techniques that are proven to work because we have used them and achieved great success in the workplace.


Cynthia Evans

Executive Assistant

Cynthia Evans is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. She has over 10 years of leadership and team building expertise, in Corporate America. When Tracy served as a Senior Vice President, she was his Regional Director. She witnessed the positive outcomes of Tracy’s leadership techniques, firsthand. Cynthia is a graduate of 2 Faces of Leadership and is very passionate about the services Tracy Pierce, LLC offers. She is ready to connect with you and discover how we can help you Lead the Next Generation.


Sierrah Roper

Travel Coordinator

As Travel Coordinator, Sierrah will partner with your meeting planner to ensure the prompt delivery of all training materials, prior to the training date. She will also consult with your team on all travel plans and hotel stays; allowing your team to focus solely on planning the training event.