Find out what your leadership style says about you

An American Veteran, I have served my country in the United States Army. During my service, I provided leadership in various capacities including the distinct honor of serving as a U.S. Army Drill Sergeant. I acknowledge the U.S. Army for instilling in me leadership qualities, such as duty, honor, integrity, respect, accountability, and servant leadership. It is these leadership traits that I carry into my civilian life and my career.

As I assimilated into my corporate career, I held firm to those leadership qualities and incorporated them into my executive leadership style. My leadership experience spans several industries, where I was requested to evaluate mediocre performing teams and provide the leadership necessary to increase the team’s performance. The successes gained through my ability to influence people and align them toward a common goal was recognized and attributed to my unique leadership style.

From those experiences I penned my first book, The Two Faces of Leadership – Merging the Best of Both Leadership Styles. Subsequently, I made the decision to incorporate my unique view on leadership into a Leadership Development Program to coach other leaders and make a positive impact on work environments.

I believe these leadership qualities can be gained through a structured leadership development program that contains the appropriate feedback and support. Review our Leadership Services to find the right service for you and your company.

“My job is to get my team playing for the name on the front of the jersey not the name on the back.”


Imagine your Company’s leadership reducing turnover expenses, while at the same time growing your employees and preparing them to take on more responsibility at the next level. Now, imagine your current leaders creating an environment that empowers employees and motivates them to successfully exceed company goals. This is all possible with leaders who are trained to engage their teams with purpose, vision and direction.

I was inspired to become a Leadership Coach because of my unique passion for leadership that has purpose. My leadership philosophy focuses on key attributes such as building trust, energy, and a positive work environment in which your team can grow. I use easy to remember techniques such as T-I-P (Team-Impact-Pride) to drive home this message.

My mission is to develop a new school of leaders that embrace care and compassion at every level of a corporation. Leaders who will “lead the next generation!”

My team of professional trainers have over a decade of experience in leadership and team building.

Our strategy is simple, find the gap in a team’s performance and fill that gap with quality training that can be applied immediately. Our training program has produced great results across numerous industries. The success of our training is because of our specialized training technique that encourages feedback and class participation.

Our team doesn’t teach theory, we teach real world techniques that are proven to work because we have used them and achieved great success in the workplace.